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samedi 29 décembre 2018

7 Tips to Help You Find a Job in 2019

Whether you are thinking about finding a new job or considering a career change in another field, the start of a new year is actually a good time to start your research. Making a career change is high on the list of New Year's resolutions. So the good news for job seekers is that many people are considering and leaving their current position, resulting in an increase in the number of job openings. to provide, therefore, a significant number of opportunities, because once the impact of these resignations felt, many companies will seek new talent to fill these vacancies.

All of this means an extremely positive outlook for potential job seekers. So now that conditions are right for your job search, how do you get there? Here are seven tips that should help you find a new job for this 2019 New Year:

1. First, even if there are positive conditions for job seekers, do not be overconfident and make the mistake of not planning too much or not being able to estimate the time and energy needed an effective job search.

2. Do your research when applying for a job and demonstrate real interest and knowledge of the employer.

3. If you have not already done so, set up a professional email account that can handle large files. If you use your "hamidbogosscasawi@gmail.com" account to apply, it's time to set up a Gmail or similar email account with your real name.

4. Make sure to name your resume with your real name, not "my resume. You'd be shocked to know how many job seekers do not do it, and then wonder why they're never calling for a job that they seem yet qualified for. This is often because recruiters can not find them in a sort folder.

5. Use your school / university relationships. Relationships with graduates and LinkedIn business pages are fantastic ways to find graduates from your school or university working in companies or industries that interest you. They can often advise you and help you. .

6. Speaking of networking, do it in person as well as online. Putting yourself in front of people and being able to articulate what interests you, and talking a little about your background and experiences in a short period of time (60 to 90 seconds), is an important strategy to develop.

7. Keep your energy, your determination and your positive attitude. Job search can be a very humiliating experience, but no one wants to hire someone who seems frustrated and desperate. Demonstrate your interest and your enthusiasm is the key. Get some exercise, sleep well and talk to your friends and job seekers for encouragement and advice.

Remember, you do not need to get this new job in the first month of 2019. You have 365 days to complete the resolution you decided to put in place during this year.

Written by Hacene Seghier, Coach in Job Search Strategies

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